Monarch Cares Program Overview:

What is Monarch Cares? Monarch Cares is a commitment and a promise to help you achieve your health care goals. It's a philosophy and partnership designed to support you when you're making important health decisions that impact the quality of your life. As a part of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) partnership with Monarch HealthCare, you now have access to all the benefits that Monarch Cares has to offer. Monarch Cares focuses on providing you with the information, resources and support you want – when and where and if you want it.

At the core of the Monarch Cares program are Monarch's Four Cornerstones of Care:

  • Care Navigators
  • Care Resources
  • Care Coaches
  • Care Connection

There are many moving parts in the health care world. The Monarch HealthCare ACO, can keep all of your Monarch doctors connected and up-to-date with your specific care needs. They will be able to see what drugs you are taking, and whether you've been in the h...

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Care Navigators

Health care can often be complicated. The Monarch HealthCare ACO offers Care Navigators to help you make decisions that are right for you. These specially trained professionals are available to help guide you in gettin...

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Care Resources

When it comes to making decisions about your health, sometimes a little extra help goes a long way. The Monarch HealthCare ACO gives you extra support and provides a variety of information to help you get ...

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Care Coaches

If you have a chronic condition (such as diabetes or asthma) we have specially trained medical experts who can partner with your doctor to help you set and achieve your personal health goals. Our Care Coaches can also help ...

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