With this program, you’ll receive all the same benefits you currently enjoy from Medicare, but you can also enjoy additional support and services at no additional cost.

These services are designed to help you :

  • Have better control over your health care, with greater ability to achieve your personal health goals
  • Receive better care, because your doctors will have better information about your medical history and can communicate more readily with your other doctors
  • Better manage your out-of-pocket health care costs

If you’re experiencing a health issue, your doctor may introduce you to a Monarch Care Navigator. This caring and knowledgeable professional will work closely with your doctor’s office to assist you when you have questions about your treatment plan. If you need supportive resources and programs, your doctor may direct your Care Navigator to help you connect with them. If you’re hospitalized, we’re available to assist you in arranging any needed careafter you leave the hospital. Should you need us to make an appointment or contact a physician, help is only a phone call away.